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John and Anthony's great grandfather, Vincenz Catalano, along with his four brothers, came over to the United States from Italy in 1884. From their initial fruit stand on Milwaukee Street, the brothers also sold fruits and vegetables door-to-door throughout the neighborhood. By 1910, they became the largest wholesale distributors in Southeast Wisconsin, situated at 284 Broadway Street (according to the Milwaukee County Historical Society) Today, as we continue the tradition of offering top quality fruits and vegetables, we look back with gratitude on our ancestors who paved the way for us.

"Quality on the table...Catalano on the Label"

-- John Catalano, Owner


Catalano Produce is founded as a fruit and produce distributor in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.



Catalano Produce acquires lemonade stands and starts operating these stands at Summerfest and State Fair.



Catalano Produce expands and moves its warehouse to West Allis


Catalano Produce takes over the Steak Stop restaurant at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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Catalano Produce continues to grow by operating multiple lemonade and fruit stands at all major Milwaukee Area Ethnic Festivals and catering to the needs of multiple local businesses, school districts and hospital.

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